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Support our Democratic Veterans in 2014

As Democrats, we’re incredibly proud of those who have served and sacrificed for our country.

There are 74 Democratic veterans running for Congress across the nation in 2014. Take a look at the list and make sure to support our veteran candidates and members of Congress at the polls this year.



Richard Blumenthal (CT), Marine Corp Reserves

William Nelson (FL), Army, Army Reserve

Tom Harkin (IA), Naval Reserves

Edward J. Markey (MA), Army Reserve

Jack Reed (RI), Army, Army Reserve


Gary Peters (MI-Senate), Navy

David Alameel (TX-Senate), Army

House of Representatives


Eni F. H. Faleomavaega (American Samoa Delegate), Army & Army Reserve

Mike Thompson (CA-05), Army

Sanford D. Bishop Jr. (GA-02), Army

Tulsi Gabbard (HI-02), Hawaii National Guard

Bobby L .Rush (IL-01), Army

Tammy Duckworth (IL-08), Army National Guard

Bill Enyart (IL-12), Air Force

John D. Dingell (MI-12), Army

John Conyers Jr. (MI-13), Army National Guard

Timothy J. Walz (MN-01), Nebraska Army National Guard & Minnesota Army National Guard

Collin C. Peterson (MN-07), North Dakota National Guard

G. K. Butterfield (NC-01), Army

Charles B. Rangel (NY-13), Army

José E. Serrano (NY-15), Army Medical Corps

William L. Owens (NY-21), Air Force

Peter A. DeFazio (OR-04), Air Force

Robert "Bobby" C. Scott (VA-03), Army Reserve & Massachusetts National Guard

Jim McDermott (WA-07), Navy Medical Corps


Jesse Smith (AL-03), Army

Patrick Henry Hays (AK-02), Army

Ruben Gallego (AZ-07), Marine Corps

Ted Lieu (CA-33), Marine Corps

James Kimber (CA-50), Navy

Vic Meyers (CO-04), Army

Irv Halter (CO-05), Air Force

Michael McKenna (FL-10), Navy

Will Bronson (FL-17), Navy

Bob Montigel (GA-06), Army

Thomas Wight (GA-07), Army

Mark Takai (HI-01), National Guard

Jim Mowrer (IA-04), National Guard

Ron Leach (KY-02), Army

Ken Stepp (KY-05), Navy

Edwin Edwards (LA-06), Navy (Note: in contested Democratic primary)

Seth Moulton (MA-06), Marine Corps

Jerry Cannon (MI-01), Marine Corps, National Guard

Chuck Stadler (MI-10), Navy

Jim Evans (MO-07), Army

Ron Dickey (MS-01), Army

Marshall Adame (NC-03), Marine Corp

Mark Sullivan (NE-03), National Guard

Fred Kundrata (OH-01), Air Force

Robert Fry (OH-05), Navy

David Tibbs (OH-12), Army

Earl Everett (OK-02), Army

Bert Smith (OK-04), Army

Al McAffrey (OK-05), Navy

Manan Trivedi (PA-06), Marine Corps Surgeon

Kevin Strouse (PA-08), Army

Corinna Robinson (SD-AL), Army

Bob Scott (TN-02), Army

Dan Cramer (TN-07), Army

David Cozad (TX-06), Marine Corps

Mark Greene (TX-12), Army

Neal Marchbanks (TX-19), Air Force

Marco Montoya (TX-25)

Wesley Reed (TX-27), Marine Corps, Navy

Donna McAleer (UT-01), Army

Norm Mosher (VA-01), Navy

Recent Updates
  • President Obama Awards the Medal of Honor to 24 Veterans

    On Tuesday, March 18, President Obama presented 24 veterans with the Medal of Honor for their service in World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. The awardees were identified through a Pentagon review of discrimination in the military.

    "No nation is perfect, but here in America we confront our imperfections and face a sometimes painful past, including the truth that some of these soldiers fought and died for a country that did not always see them as equal,” President Obama said.

    It was the largest Medal of Honor ceremony since World War II.

    Read more.

  • Never Forget

    Today, we pay tribute to the loved ones we lost, remember the bravery of our heroes and stand together once again, united for all.

    Although September 11, 2001 is painful in our memory, the fabric of the American spirit continues to shine through. We remember the stories about acts of courage, of brave Americans putting their concern for others safety above their own, and commemorate the outpouring of compassion that flowed from every corner of our country. We honor the firefighters, police officers, medical professionals and first responders who ran into burning buildings to save the lives of their fellow Americans, even if it meant losing their own.

    While we hold our loved ones closer, we will never forget how our nation came together at this time of great adversity to move forward. The One World Trade Center now stands tall above the New York City skyline and reminds us of our resilience and commitment to building a better tomorrow for our children. And as we face great challenges as a nation, let us come together again so we may build a stronger, safer and more perfect union.

    This day is annually recognized as the National Day of Service and Remembrance. Click here to find out about opportunities in your community. 

    Let us never forget.

  • See how the GOP sequester is hurting communities nationwide

    When they chose not to come to the table and stop the sequester, Republicans in Congress declared tax breaks for rich were more important than jobs or education, health care or defense. Check out—and share— to see how the the GOP sequester is hurting communities across the country.

    When they chose not to come to the table and stop the sequester, Republicans in Congress declared tax breaks for rich were more important than jobs or education, health care or defense. Check out—and share— to see how the the GOP sequester is hurting communities across the country.

  • "Truly appalling"

    Our chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, just sent this email on the GOP sequester:

    Friend --

    Friday at midnight, the sequester went into effect -- and Republicans are counting on the possibility that you won't notice.

    While it may take time for the harmful effects of these billions of dollars in automatic cuts to be felt by some Americans, some families are already starting to feel the pain -- like families on military bases.

    The sequester immediately cut a program called "Impact Aid" which is a major source of funding for schools on military bases. So now military families -- including those with a family member deployed overseas -- have to worry about immediate cuts to teaching staff, increased class sizes, and delayed building repairs.

    Our men and women in uniform fighting overseas shouldn't have to worry about fighting to keep their kids in school back home just because Republicans in Congress are unwilling to negotiate.

    Tell congressional Republicans to come back to the table right away to negotiate with President Obama to end the sequester. Add your name now.

    President Obama has laid out a balanced, fair approach to end the sequester -- and it's supported by more than three-quarters of Americans.

    But Republicans won't even consider it. And the longer they refuse to come to an agreement, the more these harmful effects will spread. Teachers could be laid off, health care for military families could be cut, support for mentally ill children could be reduced, and hundreds of thousands of jobs could be lost.

    It's truly appalling.

    The only way Republicans will come back to the table to end the sequester is if they know it's politically unsustainable not to -- that's why they need to know that constituents like you want them to stop these devastating cuts.

    Tell my Republican colleagues to do their job and end the sequester. Click below to add your name:



    Debbie Wasserman Schultz
    Democratic National Committee

Veterans & Military Families
Recent Action
National Conference on Mental Health
June 3, 2013
President Obama directed the 152 Veteran Affairs health centers across the country to hold mental health summits focused on better servicing and understanding the needs of veterans and their families.
Joining Forces Hiring Commitment
April 30, 2013
Two years ago, President Obama challenged private businesses to hire 100,000 veterans by 2013. Since then, businesses have nearly tripled that goal and committed to hiring almost 435,000 veterans over the next five years.
Training Veterans in High Growth Professions
April 29, 2013
First Lady Michelle Obama unveiled a new public-private partnership dedicated to helping thousands of transitioning veterans earn Information Technology certifications in high growth professions.