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The Democratic Party brings together people of many different faiths, tied together through shared values and a deep-seated commitment to tolerance, charity, and the well-being of others. Between efforts to combat AIDS in Africa to homelessness in our neighborhoods, faith can be a powerful bond that compels us to serve our community and unite around a common purpose.

Democrats stand for an open and respectful dialogue about faith in society, embracing people of all faiths. Because many religion-specific values translate into universal values shared across the political spectrum, we believe that an open and earnest discussion about faith can contribute to society in many ways, and can lead to greater tolerance and acceptance—virtues truly befitting America’s promise.

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Faith Community
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The DNC Faith Team is Keeping Busy!
June 25, 2012
Rev. Derrick Harkins, the DNC’s National Director of Faith Outreach, met with faith leaders in Ohio and North Carolina to talk about the President’s accomplishments and the important choice before Americans this election cycle. These leaders praised the President’s values and his strong commitment to common good policy.
President Obama Stands Up for Young Immigrants
June 15, 2012
President Obama has announced a bold change to immigration policy. Young, eligible undocumented immigrants who were brought to the U.S. as children will now be able to apply to continue legally studying or working in the country. This move was met with strong support from faith leaders across the country who agree that this is not a partisan issue but rather about equal opportunity.
Working with faith communities to protect the vote
November 4, 2011
In the DNC's continued efforts to combat voter suppression legislation Rev. Derrick Harkins met with faith leaders across the country to educate and amplify their efforts to ensure that all Americans can exercise their right to vote.