African Americans

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For decades, Democrats have stood with the African American community in the struggle for equality and the enduring struggle to perfect our nation itself.

Common values and concerns such as family, jobs, and education unite Democrats everywhere. President Obama and Democrats in Congress and across the country continue to work tirelessly to advance the issues that matter most to African Americans, from civil rights to economic opportunity.

Every sector of our economy has been shaken by the economic crisis, and every demographic group felt its impact. But the economic crisis has had an especially brutal impact on minority communities—communities that were already struggling long before the financial crisis hit.

Democrats are laying a new foundation for long-term economic growth that helps more than just a privileged few. We are working to save jobs, create new jobs and new opportunities for small businesses, reinvest in our schools, make college more affordable, and expand opportunities for African Americans and for all Americans.

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African Americans
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President Obama speaks about Trayvon Martin
July 17, 2013
The President spoke about Trayvon Martin and the need to support and mentor young African American men.
Susan Rice is appointed National Security Advisor
June 5, 2013
President Obama appointed Susan Rice as National Security Advisor.
President Obama Delivers the Commencement Address at Morehouse College
May 19, 2013
President Obama spoke to the historically black college noting, "Your generation is uniquely poised for success unlike any generation of African Americans that came before it called for."