Calling all Democrats: Be part of this

We're kicking off an effort at the DNC to figure out how we can do better in future elections.

We're going to ask you to be part of this conversation. We're going to ask you for your best ideas. And we're going to ask for your patience as we test out new theories, and try new ways of doing things.

Be part of this:

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    I have been thinking about Women’s History Month and how to mark its passing for a while. This month has always been a time of reflection, a chance to look back on all that women have accomplished for themselves and the contributions they have made to American history.

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  • I want you to meet President Obama

    Next week, a bunch of Democrats are coming together at the DNC Winter Meeting here in Washington -- and I want you to be there.

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  • Celebrate Black History Month

  • Your membership card is waiting

    Last week was a big one for Democrats, and if you're feeling as fired up as I am, I hope you'll show it by becoming an official DNC member for 2015.

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  • 10 times President Obama Made us Cheer in 2014

    We love hearing the President speak up for what’s right. From his support of immigration reform to fighting for equal pay, here are some of our favorite moments of 2014.


    President Obama will not stand for voter suppression. Period.


    Did you travel over the holidays? Whether by plane, train, or automobile, we need a strong infrastructure to make our country great.


    President Obama is grateful for the people who stood up for him.


    And now he’s standing up for others, because who you are or who you love shouldn’t affect where you work.


    President Obama has taken historic steps to combat climate change.


    And President Obama knows that health decisions are best kept between a woman and her doctor.


    The President knows our values are what makes our country great.


    And he’s willing to fight for what’s right, even in the face of Republican opposition.


    Because we’re all a part of the American story.


    Most importantly, President Obama knows that our country works best when we work together.


    If you’re going to stand with President Obama to keep changing our country for the better in 2015, add your name:

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