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America has a rich history of technological innovation and scientific ingenuity. But after years of declining tests scores in math and science and a Republican administration that often turned its back on science, the United States risks losing its scientific dominance. Democrats are committed to reversing this trend by investing in the technologies and jobs of the future while increasing support for more advanced research, labs, and classrooms.

Democrats believe that scientific research should play an important role in advancing science and technology in the classroom and in the lab. In order to compete globally, our next generation must be equipped with the tools and skills that lead to the technological innovations and scientific breakthroughs of the future. Democrats have taken significant steps to expand educational opportunities and make college more affordable for all Americans while improving the quality of our schools and our teachers.

Democrats have made historic investments in research for clean-energy technologies that are helping to create the industries of the future. The Obama administration lifted federal restrictions on stem cell research, providing scientists and doctors with new resources to help save lives.

Recent Updates
  • A Big Week for Data and Technology

    This has been a big week for data and technology in the Democratic Party. The DNC, our candidates, and state parties are now getting access to new data assets that the Obama campaign built to help win the 2012 election. This is great news and yet another way that our party is building on our technological lead over Republicans.

    While we’re getting access to new data, the way we’ll apply it isn’t new. In both 2008 and 2012, the DNC worked hand-in-hand with the Obama campaign to create the tools that collected and analyzed information about volunteers, supporters, and donors, and helped them run the most data-driven campaign to date.

    And our commitment to technology innovation didn’t begin with electing President Obama. In 2005, we committed to build the Democratic Party in all 50 states and equip everyone with the know-how, tools, and data needed to win campaigns. That’s exactly what we did in the run-up to 2008, and we haven’t taken our foot off the pedal since.

    In the past year, we've been working overtime and making investments to adapt the tools and strategies used in 2012 to prepare for campaigns of all sizes for 2014.

    We did a trial run with campaigns in 2013, and the results speak for themselves. We won the Virginia governor’s race, and will for the first time in more than forty years hold all five statewide offices in that pivotal battleground state.  Bill de Blasio is the first Democratic mayor of New York City in a generation, and Cory Booker has already been sworn in and begun to serve people of New Jersey in the U.S. Senate.

    These campaigns were able to hit the ground running with the tools and information they needed to make smart, data-driven decisions from Day One.  And because they worked hand-in-hand with the DNC, the experience and lessons they learned will go into making those tools even better as we work to make them available to campaigns up and down the ticket in 2014.

    We look forward to integrating the Obama campaign data into our systems and continuing to work with all our state parties to use information to run smarter, more effective campaigns.

    2014 is going to be a great year to run as a Democrat. We have a winning message of fighting for middle class Americans and the cutting-edge tools to deliver that message to the voters.

  • Thanks, Ms. Botton

    It's Teacher Appreciation Week. As Democrats, we know that our most important investments are the ones we make in our kids. That's why, for years, we've been on the cutting edge of education reform. From FDR signing the G.I. Bill to President Obama overhauling student loans, Democrats have consistently invested to provide our kids with a first-rate education and the tools necessary to drive our economy forward with more job creation and opportunity. We also recognize that funding and programs alone won't solve all of our problems. Democrats understand that in order to create world-class institutions of learning, we have to reward, retain, and attract world-class teachers — teachers like my favorite teach growing up, Francine Botton. Ms. Botton was my fifth and sixth grade teacher at Magnolia Open Elementary School in Long Beach, New York, and like so many teachers across our country, she inspired me and all of my classmates to study hard and dream big. She was part mom, part educator, helping her students realize that anything was possible for us. She picked us up when we were down and pushed us when she knew we could do better.

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  • Two Visions, Two Paths

    This afternoon at a community college in Cleveland, Ohio, President Obama delivered a speech about our nation’s economy and the choices we have to make this November. The President explained in black-and-white terms the key differences between himself and Governor Romney—and the real choices Americans are making when casting their votes in November.

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  • Small Business Surpassing Borders

    When President Obama was at the sixth Summit of the Americas in Colombia last month, a summit that aimed to build equal partnerships in the hemisphere, he placed an emphasis on the vital role of small businesses in the Americas.

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Recent Action
Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and increasing energy efficiency
President Obama signed an Executive Order directing the federal government to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions 28 percent by 2020, become more energy efficient, and decrease petroleum consumption.
Rebuilding America and spurring job growth
President Obama enacted the American Recovery Act, an unprecedented effort to accelerate economic growth, save and create millions of jobs, and invest in 21st century technologies to move America forward.
Investing in innovation and renewable energy
The Recovery Act made unprecedented investments in renewable energy sources, including manufacturing technologies and vehicle and fuel technologies.